Britanny at the Cutting Edge of Science

ManRos Therapeutics was founded in 2007 by Dr. Laurent Meijer (EC Director of Research, CNRS) and Pr. Hervé Galons (EC Professor, Université Paris-Descartes), two leading specialists in cellular and molecular biology and in organic chemistry, respectively. The objectives of ManRos Therapeutics are the identification, characterization, optimization (medicinal chemistry) and preclinical & clinical development of pharmacological kinase inhibitors (some derived from marine natural products) for their use in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Our vision

An innovative research model

ManRos Therapeutics relies on a dense network of scientific partners, enabling the development of molecules at a reduced cost with the collaboration of the best experts.

A unique focus on protein kinases

Dr. Laurent Meijer has dedicated his entire work to selected human disease relevant kinases and their pharmacological inhibitors on which he is one of the leading specialists. This focus through time on a specific field is a considerable strength in the sphere of pharmaceutical research.

Research oriented towards orphan diseases

ManRos Therapeutics focuses its research on cystic fibrosis: a rare disease, with high unmet medical needs. This pathology constitute one of the most flourishing sectors of the pharmaceutical industry (reduced regulatory constraints, strong industrial interest, etc.).

A Biotech at the cutting edge of scientific research located in Brittany

ManRos Therapeutics is located in Roscoff, Finistère, Northern Brittany. Thanks to our close linkage to Brittany, we benefit of strong support from many regional actors.

The Team

Dr. Philippe de Lavenne

CEO of ManRos Therapeutics and a recognized expert in orphan drugs and new drugs marketing.

Before joining the company, Dr. de Lavenne worked for ten years as Vice-President Europe, Canada, Latin America, Middle East and Africa of Actelion Pharmaceuticals. He heavily contributed to the huge success and large expansion of the company. Prior to Actelion, he worked at Altana-Nycomed, Sanofi, Servier and Ciba-Geigy (Novartis), in many different roles and geographies.

Dr. Laurent Meijer

Co-founder, President and CSO, ManRos Therapeutics

Dr. Laurent Meijer is the co-founder of ManRos Therapeutics and one of the world’s leading experts in disease-relevant kinases and their pharmacological inhibitors. Dr. Meijer has generated more than 40 patents, published over 340 articles, edited 6 books and has been working with three Nobel Prize recipients. In 1985-86, with Edwin Krebs (Nobel Prize award 1992), he extensively characterized the M-phase specific Histone H1 kinase (which turned out to be CDK1/cyclin B). In the late ’80s, with Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize award 2001), he identified the CDK1 associated regulatory subunit as cyclin B. With Paul Greengard (Nobel Prize award 2000), he has been studying brain protein kinases and pharmacological inhibitors for three years (2001-2004) at the Rockefeller University (New York).
Laurent Meijer holds a PhD from University of Lille (1978) and University of Paris (1983). He is married and has two children.